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Presidents Message

Samkalp is directly in contact with the generation that is now ready to take the reins of the country. The candidates who come to Samkalp for guidance and assistance belong to the age group which is preparing to step in as Civil Servants. Civil Servants is a diverse category. It encompasses Foreign Service. Administrative Service, Police Service, Audit and Accounts Service and many others and in due course some of them attain by training and experience extensive expertise in economics, education, environment, banking, commerce, international affairs, communication etc.

But there is one basic quality which each person and more so a Civil Servant must possess and that is character.

He must be dedicated to his work with uprightness, values and ethics in the cause of public service and public welfare.

There is one way by which a man attains a high moral standard. A man who has an ideal to work and to live and if necessary to die for. A person must clearly visualize the values for which he will stand and fight. It is the inspiring call of our motherland that must be deeply engraved in the heart of every Indian. We read that our freedom fighters embraced death with a smile while shouting Vande Mataram.

So when a young person joins the Civil Service his goal should be to serve the motherland to wipe the tears from every eye, especially the poor and downtrodden.

Samkalp strives to instill this value in all the candidates, to rise above self and think of our country as a whole.

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