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The broad opportunities available under Civil Services are:

– Indian Administrative Services (IAS):  An IAS officer manages the general administration of the state including development function. Policy formulation, implementation and control at different levels are their main functions. At the district level their responsibilities’ also include overseeing law and order situations and collecting taxes. Apart from these functions at the Central and State government level, one will actually act as the pillars of governance, will formulate policies, devise strategies, allocate resources and implement plans.

– Indian Police Services (IPS): An IPS officer is not just the police force but also includes the CRPF, BSF, CISF etc. The main task is to maintain law and order at all time. Planning pro-active strategies and implementing and controlling the police force are also their responsibilities. The on craving for some adventures will have ample in the form of tackling crime and law and order emergencies.

– Indian Foreign Service (IFS): They work in the Ministry of external Affairs and manage Indian Offices called Indian High Commission, Indian Consulates and Indian Embassies abroad. Work related to passport services, Visa services, Consular services etc. route through them. They also promote trade and cultural relations with foreign countries.

– Indian Railway Service (IRS): The Railway Operations division is in charge of the movements of passenger and goods train and all the activities related to movement including passenger comfort and safety. Commercial division looks after all the commercial functions associated with train movement like carrying of passengers and forwarding of goods etc. Indian railways Accounts Services Officer are in charge of all the accounts of Indian Railway.

– Indian Audit and Accounts Services (IAAND AS): Accounting and auditing of different Central Government Departments is the main responsibilities of these officers. They work with Central Government.

– Indian Civil Account Services (ICAS): They work in the Ministry of Finance, office of Comptroller and Auditor General of India, office of the Chief Comptroller of India etc.

Indian Revenue Services (IRS):

– Indian Customs and Central Excise Services (IRS): Their role is to monitor Imports & Exports of India and to ensure and enforce their compliance with Indian Laws. Custom Officials have the power to seize goods that violet Indian laws, assess and levy duties on goods entering into India or leaving India, collect Central Excise duties on goods manufactured in India.

– Indian Revenue Service (IRS): In this department of Indian Civil Service Revenue collection, i.e. Income Tax collection is their main concern. They will be in the top administrative strata of the income Tax offices in India. Overseeing the functions of the Income Tax departments, assessment of taxes, collection of taxes and implementation of Indian Income Tax laws are their areas.

– Indian Defense Accounts Services (IDAS): In this department of Indian Civil Service they look after the accounts of the defense forces, Army, Air force, Navy and other protective services. Their main function is accounting and auditing.

– Indian Information Service (IIS): In this department of Indian Civil Service it is their responsibility to ensure that only correct information reaches the media. Organizing press conferences, controlling official media and organizing festivals is their business.

– Indian Ordnance Factories Services (IOFS): Ordnance factories manufacture arms and ammunitions required for defense services. In this department of Indian Civil Service IOFS Officers serve in these establishments and manage the overall manufacturing functions of arms and ammunition.

– Indian Postal Service (IPS): This is one of the largest organizations in the world with numerous offices all over the country; Indian Postal Service Officers head different operational divisions of the Postal Service and manage the operations.

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