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Near Mahi Valley Resorts, Sindhrot, Vadodara, Gujarat – 391330

Welcome to Samkalp Gurukulam

Samkalp Gurukulam is Gujarat chapter of Samkalp Delhi.

A number of IAS aspirants coached by Samkalp, have been making it to the civil services.

About Samkalp Gurukulam

Samkalp Gurukulam

SAMKALP was established in 1986 to groom students to take up the administrative services of the country, as a career with a missionary zeal, nationalistic spirit and a total commitment towards basic human values. Samkalp strives to inspire in them, a sense of confidence and determination to become better administrators.

Sh. Santosh Taneja having gone into deep thought process realized the need for such an organization: Samkalp. The team comprising of some like minded friends joined together to give shape to these ideas. The incumbent bureaucracy was required to have the qualities of Governance and its application.

Together the team decided that the need is not only of intellectuals but of effective, morally sound, resilient and grounded intellectuals. The level of

commitment along with the ability to adapt to the changing scenario or to think out of the box to meet the “needs and demands” of the people of India.

Growing and nurtured by Late Shri Dharmendra  Gupta ji, Founder President of Samkalp.  Samkalp strived to follow and inculcate his dedication and ethos in every soul that comes in its vicinity. He gave every life a mission, a cause to work for leading to its implementation. Those guided by his force could not relax until the objective was achieved and a new mission was found.

It was realized that it’s the civil servants who play a great role in the nation building. It was utmost importance that these civil servants are principled and having vision to make the result of the policies reach down to the common man. Samkalp aimed to imbibe in them the values of Honesty, Integrity, Compassion, Social Commitment, Excellence, Foresightedness, Determination and Devotion towards duty, along with loyalty and dedication to the national cause and inculcate true Indian values and ethos.

They were required to show leadership qualities and exceptional management skills besides innovative thinking. Continuous efforts were made to infuse these qualities through of and meticulously planned activities at different levels in a progressive manner.

Following activities we chalked out initially and still continuing.

1. Personality Development Camp of 7 days camp meant for school students.

2. Civil Services Examination on Orientation Camp- 3day workshop for college students.

3. Disha Bodh Shivir Social Orientation Camp for UPSC Civil Services Aspirants.

4. Interview Guidance Programme for students who clear UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam.

5. Coaching cum Guidance Programme –For UPSC Civil Services Aspirants.

6500 Satisfied Students
70 Faculties
37 Senior Faculties
12 Center

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Samkalp Gurukulam

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